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W-STAR TECHNOLOGY INC. was founded in March, 2002, a manufacturing and technology company specializing in innovative research and development of printed circuit boards, the company uphold the "customer first. " "Priority of the quality policy objectives and adhere to the" integrity of sound, "" positive innovation ", " Hardworking and simple sophisticated "as the highest guiding principle of business.
• W-StarTech is efficient operation of the enterprise system, and give full play to the team spirit organizations, in order to continuously improve the ability to research and development, and through professional technology printed circuit boards and process quality control, and automated production equipment, designed to create a link to manufacture to meet customer specifications and quality requirements of the product.
• Capability to 60 levels from a single panel laminates (1L ~ 60L). High HDI high-density connectivity panels up to five bands - with fast proofing trial production and production capacity - and to provide customers with the best quality / delivery / Price / services and Total Soultion ~ customer technical support and R & D resources of full integration of manufacturing systems design services combined maximum benefit - complete customer goals.
Innovative Technology R & D-cum-system integration process:
• W-StarTech in 2006 - due to the use of R & D edge design and manufacture of photovoltaic material cooling aluminum metal plates into LED energy-saving green energy technology products; and the integration of large electric power management, planning and improve rational use of electricity, high efficiency energy-efficient lighting, green building energy-saving insulation, saving energy-efficient air-conditioning equipment, energy-saving boilers and heat pump works and many other energy service: Provides enterprises, factories, hotels, schools, hospitals, institutions, commercial buildings, residential communities, department stores, discount
• shops, resorts, recreational areas and other customers, and actively in energy efficiency, carbon reduction, environmental protection, save money change
• Good engineering efforts on promoting to reduce global warming, with "love" for the mission of the Earth; up Zhen saving energy and reducing environmental responsibility and spirit of enterprise culture carbon.
• 2007 in response to the globalization of markets and the diverse needs of the domestic market, while on the mainland wide.
• State and Taiwan Taoyuan factories, thus actively involved in LED computer CG, single color, full color.
• Electronic LED video billboards and other related optoelectronic product development, production. Such as, Taiwan, the United States.
• patented wafer manufacturers to provide complete plug lamp factory in Guangzhou, filling plastic, testing of high labor demand.
• work, come back to complete the product Taiwan factory inspection and testing, after professional assembly factory to mention.
• provide customers with quality assurance of product quality.
• Founded in 2008 in mainland China Foreign Trade Guangzhou photoelectric display department, the company uphold the Chinese into.
• The Taiwan quality requirements, products in a short time have been sold to countries around the world, such as: USA, Mexico, India, Hong Kong, the Middle East, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia and dozens of countries.
• 2009 Positive participation of all major photovoltaic technology exhibition, expanding export markets to enhance the domestic market accounting rate, even with a high degree of timeliness and high fit and comprehensive services to meet customer demand.
• Looking at the world market - based in Taiwan, so the W-StarTech in quality and reputation has been affirmed and favored by customers, the company uphold excellence, innovation and research and development, integration and development of systems and supply chain network resources.
• From 2010 to the next decade - more active in the development and integration of resources on innovation - the continued expansion of marketing fruit of the layout - to pray over will soar on wings like eagles it.
• Nature of Business:
Export, manufacturing, OEM / ODM, product design, engineering and planning services; the integration path of cooperation
• The main trade area: Global
• Main products:
professional printed circuit board manufacturing, technology product design and development commission
• T5 / T8 energy-efficient lighting design and planning, LED applications and optoelectronic products
Green building landscape lighting project, LED computer CG, full-color video wall
• The main competitive advantages:
Good quality, LED CG product testing and certification by the Industrial Technology Research Institute.
Through quality system certification
PCB printed circuit board; PCBA Electronic Components module
LED T5 / T8 lighting
LED lighting and LED products
Qulality System Certification:

Company Name: W-Star Technology Inc.
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Business Type: Export, OEM/ODM, Service, Manufacture
Main Category: Multilayer PCBs, Double-sided PCBs, LED Bulbs
Product Keyword: LED & PCB
Competitive Advantages: Well and High Quality Control


Company Name: W-Star Technology Inc.
Country/Region: Taoyuan, Taiwan
Address: 18F., No. 126, Tongde 2nd St., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330 Taiwan
Zip/Post Code: 330
Tel: 886-3-3572791
Fax: 886-3-3572790
Contact Person: Mr. Hung
Job Title: Business Manager
Skype: Jameshung7


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